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Keesecker Furniture & Flooring provides hardwood refinishing

Restore beauty with hardwood floor refinishing. Hardwood refinishing can restore the beauty of your wood floor. Wood floors are beautiful but they are also natural and subject to general wear and tear. They can get scratched or become dull. Simple things like sunlight, small particles of dirt or rocks that come in with your shoes, moving furniture and many other aspects of daily life can wear on your wood floors and make then dull and uninviting.

Maybe you've just bought an older home and it's been a long time since the hardwood floors have been refinished. A refinishing will restore your wood floor to its original luster.

Hardwood floor refinishing process

  • Please remove all small furniture items and breakable objects.
  • Our installers will move large pieces of furniture away from the area that is being refinished.
  • The top layer of finish is sanded off to remove small scratches, old stain and poly-urethane revealing clean wood.
  • Choose a color stain that fits your home.
  • Colored stain is applied.
  • A polyurethane sealant is then applied. There are several types, high gloss finish or satin finish. Ask your design consultant which is right for your home.
  • Make sure that you do not walk on the area as the stain or sealant dry and it will leave marks. Please take necessary precautions with pets or children so they don't accidentally make marks on the wood.

  • Note: Most wood floors can only be refinished a few times so any prior knowledge about the refinishing history of the floors is helpful.

    Hardwood floors are beautiful and an amazing asset to a home. But when they get tired and dull-looking, they can be a detriment. It's an easy thing to do to give them new life with a little updating. The team at Keesecker Furniture & Flooring can refresh your floors beauty and shine with hardwood refinishing, giving new life to your floors and your home.

    For more information on hardwood refinishing and if it is right for you, or any other question you may have, stop by our showroom in Erwin, TN.