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Keesecker Furniture & Flooring offers design consultation

Take the confusion out of your flooring choice with a design consultation. Whether it's your home or a business, making that flooring decision can be daunting and a design consultation takes the guess work out of the process. There are so many choices out there and how do you know which one to select. It could take hours and hours to educate yourself on the benefits of each product. However, you don't have to go through that overwhelm. Keesecker Furniture & Flooring has been serving the Erwin, TN community to make sure that they get the right flooring selection.

Keesecker Furniture & Flooring makes sure that our staff is highly trained and is able to ascertain your needs. We make sure all your questions are answered. Our experts even answer questions you didn't know you had. Education is an important part of the sale and will help you to get the perfect product for your home or office.

What to expect during your design consultation?

  • Your needs will be assessed. Questions will be asked to determine how you use the space.
  • Questions regarding style will be determined. It's great if you can bring in some pictures of the space to help with this part.
  • Products will be selected to narrow down your choices.
  • Flooring experts will help you to make the final choice.
  • Installation questions will be answered according to the product selected.
  • Once a decision is made, your job will be scheduled at your convenience.