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Why carpet will always be the most popular choice

Carpet flooring adds warmth and charm to any home. It can complement your home’s décor to create your desired decor. It also adds comfort and a sense of peace to a home. We’re a carpet retailer, so we’re happy to answer any of your questions.

Style for everyone

There’s something for everyone. Rugs provide soft, neutral surfaces, or a colorful and boldly patterned focal point. There are two things to keep in mind. First, you don’t have to have the same carpet in every room; you don’t even need the same type of flooring in every room. Carpets and hardwood can work very well together. Just be sure the colors coordinate.

Second, know that not every rug is great for every room. You have high pile ones with long, loose fibers like the shag. Low pile rugs, such as the Berber style, have short, tightly woven fibers. As an example, high pile rugs are terrific for bedrooms where soft and plush is needed, but they won’t answer the safety needs of stairs, which should be low piles. Be sure to tell your flooring pro exactly what you want and need for your carpet floors in Erwin, TN.

As functional as it is pretty

A rug also insulates against noise. It provides cushioning so vibrations don’t bounce off the wall. Sounds from footsteps, beeping devices, and muffled conversations will be eliminated. Rugs don't transfer temperature, so a heated room will stay warm, while an air-conditioned space will remain chilly. That helps to save energy.

Falls are inevitable, especially if you have kids or pets who run. If your flooring doesn’t have traction, which provides the ability to slow down or stop, they can run into corner walls and get hurt. A rug not only has good traction but if people or pets do fall it will be on a soft surface.

A rug will also improve indoor air quality, making it ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. It traps pollutants and undesired particles into the fibers where they’ll remain until carpets are deep cleaned. That means the particles won’t circulate in the air and no one will breathe them in.

Flooring is key to any renovation. To learn more about why carpet is right for you visit the Keesecker Furniture & Flooring showroom in Erwin, TN. Our experts will guide you in finding the right carpeting for you, and will also answer any of your questions and concerns. We also have in-home consultations and service Erwin, TN, Jonesborough, TN, Johnson City, TN, Unicoi, TN, Tri-Cities, TN, and Western North Carolina.